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About GEFRAN and its displacement transducers
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Recently, many users inquire about information of GEFRAN displacement transducers. Take this opportunity, we would like to give some details about GEFRAN Group and its displacement transducers.

GEFRAN Profile

   The GEFRAN group has been playing a leading role on the market for about 30 years and is now the absolute leader in the field of automation and process control. Its head office is located in Milan, Italy. Up to now, GEFRAN has offices in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, Benelux, United Kingdom, USA, Brasil, an Agency in China and authorized distributors all over the world.

   In the recent years, GEFRAN has been working hard to develop Asian market, and had a big share of the market. In china, Leader Company is the distributor of GEFRAN and has an intimate business relationship with GEFRAN.

About displacement transducers

   The most common displacement transducers are: electric-film linear displacement transducer, capacitive displacement transducer, displacement transducer using magnetostriction, ultra-sonic displacement transducers, and etc. Electric film linear displacement transducer has a comparatively low cost, but its measurement accuracy is also low and can not be used in measurements that require high accuracy. The measurement accuracy of capacitive displacement transducer is high, but due to its complicated structure and low stability, it is almost out of use abroad. Ultra-sonic is a new technique; it has a low cost and accuracy and has not gained popularization in some industries. Due its high measurement precision and good long-term stability, displacement transducer using magnetostriction has gained a leading position in the market. The displacement transducers using magnetostriction By GEFRAN have obvious advantages compared with other manufacturers. (For details please see the product recommendation.)

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   Our mission is to satisfy our customers’always different needs, we provide our customers with the following services:

   First-rate products
   Original GEFRAN transducers and other products with excellent quality.

   Reasonable prices
   First-class brand and substantial prices.

   Technical support
   We would like you to raise relevant questions even you are not a buyer of GEFRAN products. We will listen to your requirements and discuss relevant technical questions with you. And we will save your data in our database and send you our newest data by post or e-mail from time to time.

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